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We have over a decade of experience in building world class B2B and B2C portals for diverse industries and Organization.

Our passionate developers have delivered products to different clients and International Development Organizations.

Our website development process has evolved from the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications. This has given but us and our team the flexibility in recreating and readapting our wealth of knowledge on website creation to give both our clients and the end user and amazing online experience.

We could deploy and customize your website to readily adapt to both internet and intranet access ensuring that some contents of your site are generally secured within your saved environment.


Our software development team combines industry experience from global brands such as Microsoft and Google and readapts solution to meet the user experience and expectation of the local community. This has always given us the edge in our user acceptability test during deployment of solution.

The software development team also leverages on its experience in project management to ensure the processes are well documented to ensure that knowledge can be easily transferred and shared both with clients Tech team and our in-house trainees.

Our software development team delivers customized mobile and web solution to meet our client’s needs.


We are not only concerned with impacting the right tech Knowledge, we also help build the soft skills that will translate and redefine Africa such as integrity, transparency and accountability.

We deliver on these soft skills by ensuring that our team gets hands on experience with client engagement during their program with us.

Our training aims to raise World Class Software Developers while we sort out Jobs for them to acquire the necessary Job experience.

Our training method is driven by the desire to have a vibrant Africa workforce that will build solutions first to solve the problem of Africa and also to solve the global problems in the world using technology as an enabler for scaling.

Our training Modules covers a wide range of spectrum from computer appreciation to soft skills in coding and app development to high end training such as , machine learning and Computer vision.

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